Thursday, 8 December 2011

Before Entropy, I used to wonder why the columns "About us/Our story" are so much in detail.Why will anybody read it??

Today I see how important it is, not only for the maker but also for anybody. For once, its the only source for others to know how much hardwork you've put in. Secondly, its an inspiration or rather help for other budding innovations, for artists who are unaware of the different forms their creativity can take. You really get to learn a lot from their Interesting stories (everybody has a different one), the problems they faced, with their solutions (you are really saved from many of them). I can truely feel their excitement of sharing something innovative, of their interest, waiting for the appraisal and getting all goodies from total strangers!!!! Ofcourse there are people who'll have a different view or maybe dislike your stuff but believe me thats the best thing for us.It gives you a chance to think in direction you've never taken and then you comeup with another masterpiece. So, it gives you a great scope of variety and improvement.

"Interest" reminds me, that we (Shradha and I) are both from very different fields academically. (different from each other and from Entropy).Both of us took an entirely different road which did not involve our studies but explored our interests, something which we are good in,we are born with. Shradha, as you have known by now, can make these amazing designs whereas I'm happy capturing them.

Believe me....everybody has been gifted with some kind of an art or passion which many few people explore and exploit. But believe me if you can find yours out and keep it alive, you’ll be in the elite section of “HAPPY PEOPLE”.

Entropy has made it possible for us, hope you find yours soon!!!!

Monday, 26 September 2011

Our Story:This is how it began...

The Begining :

Wo kehte hai hota hai acche ke liye hota hai!!!

We had never thought buying a set of simple plain t-shirts (which I so much wanted and which my mom hates) would lead us to this.
Taking a break from her ardent cooking (which was so popular that people were waiting for our cafĂ© to be opened), Shradha came up with this design on one white tee from the set. I was actually surprised, was like “WOW!!!! whats this??? She then told me that she always wanted to try her hand on t-shirts...".Jab se plain t-shirts kharide the, train mein she was thinking of designing them (Something like how JKR gave birth to HARRY POTTER). Bas fir kya tha, I kept getting plain tshirts and she would come up with a completely different design with every next. She had this khujli in her hands to design t-shirts ”jahan bhi jao plain t-shirts lao" was her only cry. Now I have this small collection of t-shirts (in all pastel shades possible). Soon friends, sisters follwed for their share of coolest t-shirts. We kept getting so much love and encouragment from everyone. Here's a secret i want to share now: out of all tees she’s designed, mine were the smartest”

It took us very long time (the website's still under construction)  to get started.  Of course friends, Facebook and Cafe Coffee Day really helped. This very different art of hers (one of many other hobbies she’s recently discovered in my company) is now taking a new form. We’ve decided to start this online platform to give others, THE PLEASURE OF THIS TREASURE!!! This is how her passion became  our first venture. So we are here presenting you this exclusive range of hand designed t-shirts…

Its just the beginning so you guys will have to wait till we actually bang the markets (which will be online).  You can have a look at us at :

P.S. : The name has another story and there are many other stories of “the making of ENTROPY”, which will be blogged soon.

Happy shopping and ask Dear God to please BLESS US….THANK YOU !!!
Shruti Shah