Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Lessons learnt

Discussing this idea of creating our own webstore with my friend Arpita, seemed such an soon-to-be-done,easy job. Arpita was hoping to be a part of our site launch, before flying off to Cleveland (which was just a month and a half away), I was already feeling proud of our wonderful idea, we had discussed almost everything from the name to the advertsing to freebies and shipment. Now after half a year, we are finally ready for the big bang.
*Lesson # 1: Its not Hogwarts School of magic, you are in the real non-magical world!!!

It just seemed to be easy but believe me, standing in the railway luggage area in front of that huge macchi smelling parcle of ours, we understood, there are no shortcuts to success. And yes, how could we forget that trains are home to the biggest of rats who'll also love our t-shirts!!!! But thankfully we retrieved our stuff well on time and in good condition.
*Lesson # 2: Keep a very good packing and parcel in train at your own risk.

All these months, apart from working on the website (we just had to do the designing), we've been trying to bring Entropy to the public through social-sites, exibitions, friends, and their friends, family, and also through those people who are indirectly related to Entropy, Our t-shirt manufacturer-Ashfaq, the cashier at ICICI, the box maker, printer, ofcourse our site makers,our postcrossing friends and strangers in train. Facebook and twitter have been our platform to bring up our designs and helped us to reach a great number of people. (Me a fool used to not like this facebook at all......)
*Lesson # 3: Keep yourself alive.

Online shopping was never my choice. My first experience was with Flipkart (for some book in a discounted price), about 3 years back.Today, the situation is that the courier guy (through flipkart) had to say, "madam, mujhe lagta hai ki mai har teesre din aapke ghar aata hun!!!".Thats the result of the wonderful service it provides, be it their user friendly site, cart, billing, shipping, courier service, complaints,on-time delivery, everything goes as you want. At every step of shopping,  it creates 10 new customers. Learning from this, and many more such webstores (we've experienced pathetic services too), Entropy will try its best to make our valued customers FOREVER.
*Lesson # 4 : Grahak bhagwaan ka roop hota hai.

Its just the beginning....and a very long way to go, a new experience, a new teaching at every step and each step is more frolic than the other.
*Lesson # 5 : Work, not for working, but for yourself, as your favouite pursuit. I bet you'll love it.

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