Saturday, 21 July 2012

Every Tshirt has a story...

# TIME : 5 AM
   PLACE : Balcony of a resort @ Dharamshala.

Sitting in the balcony, Shradha sees this beautiful scenery in front and just pens it down to come up with another masterpiece.
We are all well versed with the beauty of the Dhauladhar range and the holiness of the Tibetian Shelter- McLeodganj.

What many of us might not know (atleast we did not) is the Tibetian Art School- NORBULINGKA. 30 km from Dharamshala, its replica of the Norbulingka palace in Lhasa which protects the Tibetian art, creativity, sulptures and woodwork by teaching and training tibetan students. A very small area but beautifully kept, the greenery, running water, the tibetian architecture, even the smallest of things like sign boards, have a creative touch which cannot be missed.
Teaching area

It harbours a Buddha temple- very colourful, typical tibetian style, the teaching area, rest house, workshops (which is open for tourists, make sure its not a sunday), art gallery where, their products are for exibition cum sale. Every single product, be it, a painting, pencil sketch, cards, diaries, tshirts, wooden handicraft, shows their immense hardwork and creativity. No doubt such an institute was born to protect this to-be-extinct art form. (Do read more on this and add it to your itinerary, whenever visiting this region-The Land of Gods.)


Wooden dolls 

# Next on list is our special way of wishing Anniversaries :
(..had to be parcelled in a day)
** Design Courtsey:           (had to catch a train in a few hours)

... and birthdays (finished as the clock struck 12 midnight):
Entropy designed Khadi Kurtas for a Gandhiwaadi by heart! 

who loves the colour PURPLE...

# Somebody wanted tshirt for her school sport's day...and of course she loved it!

# One thing is for sure, with time constrains Shradha makes the best of designs.


  1. Feels great to see that Entropy is growing and that too growing real BIG.
    Keep going girls:)